seven billion people on this planet and i have 2 friends



jfc whenever i see this scene I laugh because I remember that IKEA post saying “how would otps react to building the furniture together”

Thank you. You just made a heart breaking scene absolutely hilarious.



supernatural characters in surprisingly few episodes

All except death. Death is in every episode of supernatural, waiting.

not even waiting, Death was doing work, son.

Of course I peed myself. Man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder? Come on!

Team Free Will Team Good Water Pressure


I find myself wanting to draw a perfect rose, over and over although I cannot find a rose anywhere. In my dreams I keep asking a girl where to find one. She will not answer me, and she keeps walking away. I remember this girl. I have drawn her although I know her well in my dream." - John Smith’s diary


who is john. why is he locked. free him .


His face says “That’s a bummer but it sounds about right”


His face says “That’s a bummer but it sounds about right”


In the first one he looks like someone stepped on his inner puppy.  Second one: sorry not sorry.